We work with:

Individuals, couples and families.
The self employed.
Educational institutions.
Professional associations.

Public Sector entities.
Community groups.
Sports clubs.

We help our clients with

1. Personal Financial Planning.

2. Cash flow Planning. 

3. Debt Management. 

4. Estate Planning.

5. Retirement Planning. 

6. Lifestyle Protection Strategies.

7. Home, motor & other insurances.

8. Business insurance. 

9. Explaining insurance contracts.

10. Choosing the right life insurance products for you.

11. Choosing the best health insurance coverage.

12. Choosing the right mortgage.

13. Making sense of NIS pension and other benefits.

14. Incorporating new companies.

15. Designing and brokering Group Medical Insurance plans.

16. Administering Group Medical Insurance plans.

17. Explaining Group Pension plan employee statements.

18. Conducting Financial Education and Wellness Programs.

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