Our Process

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Our process simplifies the path to your to success, making it plain and simple for our clients to get started—from the initial conversation, to planning, to implementation and optimization. Together, we will work to get you on track to reach your goals.


Step 1. Start a Conversation

We sit down for a chat to find out who and what is important to you. What you really want and need, your hopes, goals and fears.


Step 2. Discovery

The fact finding process of establishing your current financial position, taking into account your assets & liabilities, income & expenditure and any existing financial products you own.


Step 3. Analyze and Develop Your Plan

Where we fully evaluate the information gathered and analyze this in the context of what we have discussed at step 1. Does what you already have work? Can it be made to work or do you need to do something different?


Step 4. Presenting the Plan

This is where we present our recommendations to you in the form of Your Plan. Based on our discussions and the information you’ve shared, we’ll propose a number of steps to take you from where you are today to where you’d like to be. Once we have agreed how best to proceed, we will move onto the next step.


Step 5. Implement your Plan

Where we take responsibility for putting all the agreed changes into place.


Step 6 – Monitor the Plan and make Necessary Adjustments

One of the most important parts of the whole process – monitoring the plan with you, at least annually, to make adjustments as required. Life changes, as do rules and regulations, so being able to make necessary corrections is absolutely vital. Remember, this is your plan and your story. Done properly, it can be a structured process, and rewarding process that leads to the realization of your goals.

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