Financial Planning

Financial Planning is an ongoing process to help you make reasonable decisions about your money that will allow you to achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle and goals.

Without financial planning, few people will be able to achieve their financial goals for themselves and their family.

Most people aim for their children to be prosperous and happy but this goal will be unattainable if a parent dies young with no financial provision for family welfare.

Additionally, few people want to end their lives in poverty or be a burden to their family in old age, but this is what will happen if adequate income provision is not made well in advance of retirement.

People building businesses do not want the business to collapse in the event of their illness, retirement or death, but this may well happen if appropriate financial actions are not taken while the business is still young.

Good financial planning is therefore necessary if people and businesses are to achieve their financial goals in life.

The key to creating a successful financial plan is ensuring that it is flexible and that it covers your current and future financial needs.

The following are some common areas to consider when planning your financial future:

Cash Flow Planning

Addressing your monthly budget is an important first step in successfully managing your overall finances.

Protection Planning

Risk to all that you’ve worked for and could work for can take many forms: illness, accident, liability and natural disasters, to name a few.

Savings & Investments

Fundamental to building a secure, manageable future is saving for the unexpected as well as the expected.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is more than just money and estate expenses – it is about making sure the people who are left are financially supported, that your assets are protected, providing you and your loved ones with greater confidence and security.

Education Planning

After your home, education is often one of the largest expenses you will have. Taking advantage of a secure education savings plans that can help you reach your funding goals while avoiding big surprises or long-term debt.

Retirement Planning

NIS benefits, workplace pension plans, personal retirement savings, including investments, and pensions, typically combine to comprise the retirement income for most people. We can guide you to the options that will support and enhance your overall retirement goals.